10 Best Cocktail Bars in Tama, Japan | 2024

Cocktail Bars Mar 25, 2024

The Best Cocktail Bars in Tama, Japan

Welcome to another feature on Things Two Do, where we uncover the hidden gems in cities around the world. Today, we're exploring the best cocktail bars in Tama, Japan, a place known for its harmonious blend of traditional and modern. Whether you're a local or planning your next visit, these bars are sure to offer you a memorable experience.

1. In The Bottle

In The Bottle

Located near Tama Center Station, In The Bottle is celebrated for its warm indirect lighting and inviting atmosphere. Visitors rave about the variety of beers available and the homemade smoked persimmon peas. This spot is perfect for beer lovers and those seeking a high standard of drinks and service.

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2. Bar 石の華 Ishinohana

Bar Ishinohana

This classy bar in the heart of Shibuya offers a cozy underground ambiance and an impressive cocktail menu, including a sake martini and seasonal drinks like matcha and watermelon-based cocktails. Bar Ishinohana is a must-visit for its friendly staff and unique drinks.

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3. The SG Club

The SG Club

Offering a cozy atmosphere and creative drinks, The SG Club is perfect for special occasions. The staff's efforts to communicate in English make it incredibly welcoming for all visitors. With its exceptional beverages and festive ambiance, it's highly recommended.

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For those looking for creativity, MIXOLOGY SALON serves amazingly crafted tea cocktails. With a warm atmosphere and friendly staff, it offers an innovative drinking experience that's worth trying at least once.

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Bar TRENCH, known for its excellent cocktails and friendly bartender, is a cozy spot that's perfect for a relaxed evening. Whether you're after a classic cocktail or something more adventurous, this bar's extensive menu has something for everyone.

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A high-end cocktail bar that offers a luxurious ambiance and classic cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists. MORI BAR GRAN is an intimate spot great for date night or a sophisticated outing.

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7. High Five

High Five

With its no-menu concept and skilled bartenders, High Five delivers a unique cocktail experience tailored to your preferences. The intimate and relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent spot for a personalized drink experience.

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8. Mori Bar

Mori Bar

A peaceful and cozy bar with a vast selection of cocktails, Mori Bar is a must-visit for those seeking a calm and adult atmosphere in the heart of Ginza. It's an ideal place for enjoying time with friends or a quiet drink alone.

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9. Gen Yamamoto

Gen Yamamoto

Offering an omakase cocktail experience with seasonal ingredients, Gen Yamamoto is a minimalist bar where the focus is on the creativity and craft of each drink. It's a unique experience for those looking to explore the boundaries of cocktail making.

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10. Bar Benfiddich

Bar Benfiddich

Bar Benfiddich takes the experience of cocktail drinking to a new level with its no-menu concept, offering personalized drinks based on your preferences. The atmosphere is cozy, and the experience is akin to enjoying a drink in an expert's living room.

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That's our roundup of the best cocktail bars in Tama, Japan. Each offers a unique drinking experience that caters to different tastes and preferences. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado or just looking to enjoy a good drink, these spots are sure to impress. Cheers to your next adventure!



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