14 Best Things To Do in Muros de Nalón, Spain

Things To Do Feb 29, 2024

Discover Muros de Nalón: A Hidden Gem in Spain

Welcome to Muros de Nalón, a picturesque town in the northern part of Spain that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, historical sites, and culinary delights. Follow this guide to discover the best things to do in this Asturian jewel.

1. Area recreativa Senda de los Miradores

Embark on a scenic route offering impressive views and surrounded by beautiful beeches. Although it includes occasional ascents and descents, it remains accessible for most. The route offers spectacular views, especially from the Espíritu Santo viewpoint towards Aguilar beach. Despite a small section being cut off, a provisional detour ensures easy navigation.

View from Senda de los Miradores
Beeches along the path
Another scenic viewpoint

Map: Area recreativa Senda de los Miradores

2. Hórreo de Don Alvarigor

Experience the charm of the best Hórreo ever seen by many. Its stone structure is unparalleled, offering spectacular views at sunset. Visitors are often greeted by super friendly house staff, enhancing the experience.

Hórreo de Don Alvarigor
Sunset view at the Hórreo
Another angle of the Hórreo

Map: Hórreo de Don Alvarigor

3. Mirador del Espíritu Santo

A beautiful place to watch the sunset with easy parking right at the viewpoint. It's the beginning of the Ruta de los Miradores, offering stunning vistas of the coastline.

Sunset at Mirador del Espíritu Santo
Viewpoint area
Coastline view

Map: Mirador del Espíritu Santo

Other Must-Visit Spots

Muros de Nalón is filled with treasures waiting to be explored. Don't miss the Mirador de La Atalaya for its changing views, the historical Barra de San Esteban, and the cozy El Parque for delicious coffee and pastries.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Techo Muros del Nalon and the Ruta de los Miradores offer breathtaking scenes and a touch of adventure. Meanwhile, the spiritual heart of the town, Iglesia de Santa María, provides a serene escape with its calm ambiance.

Admire the archaeological heritage at the Palacio de Valdecarzana y Vallehermoso, enjoy spectacular views from the Mirador de Monteagudo, or relax at the Area Recreativa Playa de Aguilar. Lastly, immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Mirador de la Garita and stand in awe before the towering El Eucaliptón.

Map links to each location are provided, making it easy to plan your visit to these captivating spots.

Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, or just in need of a peaceful retreat, Muros de Nalón offers a diverse range of activities that cater to every type of traveler. Come discover this enchanting corner of Spain and let your adventure begin!



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