2 Best Cafes in New Cairo, Egypt

Cafes Mar 2, 2024

Discovering the Coziest Cafes in New Cairo: A Personal Journey

New Cairo, a bustling part of Egypt's capital, is not just a residential and business hub but also a haven for coffee lovers and café-goers. After scouring this vibrant city, I've come across two gems that stand out not only for their exceptional brews but for the warmth and comfort they provide. Let's dive into the world of Beano's Cafe and Breadfast Coffee.

Beano's Cafe

Beano's Cafe Interior

The charm of Beano's Cafe lies not just in its inviting ambiance, but in the people who make each visit memorable. With a special mention to Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Ahmed, the staff's effort to add a personal touch to the experience shines brightly. The cafe boasts a cozy environment perfect for studying, working, or even just lounging with friends. Their hot chocolate, rich with chocolate, stands unmatched, alongside a modernly renovated space that screams comfort. If you're into healthy options, their menu won't disappoint, offering a variety at a fair price. Families will find a haven here, especially with the small outdoor area designed for kids. A must-try is their honey lotus cake - a delight that keeps customers coming back.

Breadfast Coffee

Breadfast Coffee cozy spot

Another treasure in New Cairo, Breadfast Coffee, captures hearts with its daily cozy vibe. The coffee, a variety of drinks, and their spectacular caramel brownies draw people in, but it's the warm and welcoming staff that seals the deal. Though the tables might need a bit of dusting, the limited menu does little to sway the loyal crowd that sings praises about their hot chocolate and bakery items. What makes Breadfast Coffee unique is its atmosphere - conducive to both chilling and studying, thanks to the friendly and knowledgeable night staff. Special commendations to Farha at the el nargess branch and Mohamed Mohsen for their standout service and hospitality.

Both Beano's Cafe and Breadfast Coffee represent the heart of New Cairo's cafe culture. With such welcoming spaces, they are not just cafes but a home away from home for many. Whether you're there to savor the coffee, delve into a book, or catch up with friends, these spots promise warmth and good vibes in abundance.



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