2 Best Things To Do in Benxi, China | 2024

Things To Do Mar 18, 2024

Discover the Wonders of Benxi, China: A Guide to Must-Visit Spots

Liaoning Provincial Museum: A Treasure Trove of Ancient Stories

Are you ready to dive into thousands of years of Chinese history? The Liaoning Provincial Museum is your gateway to the past, housing an incredible array of artifacts that span China's rich cultural tapestry. From ancient pottery to exquisite jade and bronzes, this museum offers an immersive experience for history buffs and casual visitors alike.

Visitors are consistently impressed by the museum's modern facilities, world-class presentation, and the sheer scope of its collections. "This museum is as good as any in the world," comments Lester from Australia, who places it on par with the likes of The British Museum and The Forbidden City. Remember to allocate plenty of time for your visit – there's so much to see that even a whole day might not be enough!

Liaoning Provincial Museum Exterior

For more information, including visitor reviews and how to get there, visit the Liaoning Provincial Museum on Google Maps.

Fenghuang Mountain: Spectacular Scenery Awaits

Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers should not miss the chance to explore Fenghuang Mountain. Known for its breathtaking views, clean trails, and the thrilling glass walk, this mountain provides the perfect setting for a day of exploration.

The hike is described as easy yet rewarding, with an entrance fee that's considered very fair. However, be prepared for a bit of a journey - bringing 6 to 7 hours to cover the complete route is recommended. Plus, the journey there is an adventure in itself, with a quick train ride from Dandong and a reminder to stick with official taxis for safety.

With its stunning scenery and relatively few Western tourists, Fenghuang Mountain offers a serene and authentic experience. "Fantastic place to walk, climb and see spectacular scenery," notes one visitor. Just remember, if you have a fear of heights, some paths atop the hills might be challenging.

Fenghuang Mountain View

Plan your visit to Fenghuang Mountain and read more reviews by visiting it on Google Maps.



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