2 Best Things To Do in Garanhuns, Brazil | 2024

Things To Do Mar 18, 2024

Discovering the Magic of Garanhuns, Brazil: A Guide to Its Unmissable Attractions

Known for its enchanting landscapes and festive spirit, Garanhuns in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, invites visitors from far and wide. Today, we delve into two of the city’s most captivating attractions that promise unforgettable experiences.

1. Flower Clock

Flower Clock, Garanhuns

In the heart of Garanhuns lies the Flower Clock, a testament to the city's beautiful decoration, especially during the Christmas season. Visitors are greeted with a spectacular square, adorned with festive lights and structures, ensuring the spirit of Christmas is alive and well. The city, fondly nicknamed the Pernambucan Switzerland, comes alive with its Winter Festival in July and its amazing Christmas lights display in December. It's the perfect spot for those looking to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit, with local guides ensuring COVID-19 safety measures for a safe and enjoyable visit.

For more information, visit the Flower Clock on Google Maps.

2. Vinícola Vale das Colinas

Vinícola Vale das Colinas

For wine enthusiasts and those looking for a serene escape, Vinícola Vale das Colinas offers a slice of paradise. Described by visitors as a top-notch destination, the winery allows guests to book guided tours, complete with tastings of their exquisite wines. With a setting that's perfect for catching sunsets, the winery also provides the unique opportunity to assemble your own picnic basket, offering a basket, towel, and glasses at no extra charge. Children can enjoy pedal boats on the lake, making it a fantastic family outing. The guided tour, praised for its value and the attentiveness of guides like Lygia, costs R$60 per person, promising an experience that's both enriching and delightful.

Discover more about Vinícola Vale das Colinas on Google Maps.

Garanhuns, with its captivating attractions and hidden gems, waits to offer you an exploration filled with beauty and joy. Whether it's the festive aura of the Flower Clock or the tranquil beauty of Vinícola Vale das Colinas, your visit to this Pernambucan paradise promises to be nothing short of spectacular.



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