2 Best Things To Do in Kariya, Japan | 2024

Things To Do Mar 9, 2024

Discovering the Charms of Kariya: A Guide to Must-Visit Spots

Welcome to another adventure on Things Two Do! Today, we're taking you on a picturesque journey to Kariya, Japan, a place where nature's beauty and human ingenuity blend seamlessly. Let's dive into the best activities and sights that Kariya has to offer.

Floral Garden Yosami

Floral Garden Yosami

Our first stop is the serene Floral Garden Yosami, a place where both the young and the young at heart can find enjoyment. This eco-friendly park is not just any ordinary park; it's a canvas painted with the vibrant colors of various flowers and plants, including a fascinating collection of cacti. Visitors can engage in a myriad of activities such as kite flying, baseball, and soccer, or simply enjoy a tranquil picnic day out. According to our fellow adventurers, the park comes alive in summer with fountains for kids to play in and remains a clean and pleasant spot for a walk or a delightful meal at the park's cafeteria. Visit Floral Garden Yosami.

Field of Japanese Irises in Kozutsumi-nishi Pond

Field of Japanese Irises

Next on our list is the breathtaking Field of Japanese Irises at Kozutsumi-nishi Pond, a natural sanctuary and the largest kakitsubata (Japanese iris) community in Japan. This national natural monument thrives with minimal human intervention, painting an awe-inspiring picture of nature's unbound beauty each May. Visitors recommend making the scenic 10-minute walk from Suhara Park No. 2 parking lot through the forest to reach this hidden gem. Here, amidst the iris blooms, one might even spot a Japanese staghorn butterfly. The entire area, passionately preserved by volunteers, offers an intimate encounter with nature and a perfect setting for a peaceful stroll. Remember, there are no vending machines, so come prepared. Discover the Field of Japanese Irises.

Whether it's the cultivated beauty of Floral Garden Yosami or the natural elegance of the Field of Japanese Irises, Kariya is a testament to the harmonious relationship between people and nature. So, when in Japan, make sure to add these enchanting locations to your itinerary for an unforgettable experience.



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