2 Best Things To Do in Médéa, Algeria | 2024

Things To Do Mar 8, 2024

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Médéa, Algeria

While Algeria might not be the first destination that comes to mind for many travelers, the region of Médéa boasts attractions that are both breathtaking and steeped in history. In this post, we explore two must-visit sites offering tranquility and insight into Algeria's rich heritage.

Monastère de Tibhirine

Monastère de Tibhirine

The Monastère de Tibhirine is a serene place that stands out for its beauty and peacefulness. Open four days a week (Monday to Thursday) from 10 AM to 12 PM and 3 PM to 5:30 PM, visitors speak highly of its tranquility and the feeling of calm that envelops you once inside. Despite a warning about the area outside the monastery, the inside offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history of Médéa. The staff are known for their warmth, ensuring a singular experience within these historic walls.

Royal Mausoleum of Mauritania

Royal Mausoleum of Mauritania

The Royal Mausoleum of Mauritania, another jewel in Algeria's crown, provides a different kind of attraction. Known as the resting place for Cleopatra's descendants, this site is lauded for its cool climate during summer, courtesy of its high altitude and surrounding trees. With an entrance fee that's less than the cost of a coffee, this UNESCO World Heritage site offers picturesque surroundings and an unparalleled glimpse into the Roman, Pharaonic, and Numidian civilizations that flourished in Algeria. It is not only a place of immense historical value but also a stunning location for sightseeing and family picnics amid dense foliage and breathtaking sea views.

Both these destinations in Médéa reflect the depth and diversity of Algeria's cultural and historical landscapes. Whether you're drawn by the spiritual tranquility of the Monastère de Tibhirine or the historical allure of the Royal Mausoleum of Mauritania, Médéa holds hidden treasures waiting to be explored.

For those captivated by the idea of uncovering the lesser-known wonders of the world, Médéa in Algeria offers a compelling invitation. These attractions, with their rich histories and serene beauty, promise an enriching and unforgettable experience.



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