2 Best Things To Do in Mutare, Zimbabwe | 2024

Things To Do Mar 11, 2024

Explore the Soul of Mutare: Unmissable Marvels for Your Itinerary

1. Most Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral

Most Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral

Nestled in the heart of Mutare, the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral is not just an architectural marvel but a sanctuary of peace and spirituality. Visitors often talk about the serene atmosphere perfect for those moments of quiet reflection and prayer. At night, the cathedral's lighting adds an almost cinematic drama to its already majestic presence. Described as a place where one can really connect with God, the cathedral invites you to dedicate an hour of your day to spirituality. The beauty of the Mass and the well-constructed church building make every visit a pleasant and uplifting experience.

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2. Chinamata Falls

Chinamata Falls

For the nature enthusiasts and those in search of Zimbabwe’s hidden gems, Chinamata Falls in Vumba awaits. Famed for being one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the area, it is best visited during or just after the rainy season when its beauty is most pronounced. The journey to the falls involves a hike that promises spectacular views rewarding the adventurous spirit of those who take it. Past visitors rave about the magical touch of the falls and recommend arranging a local guide through #FriendsOfTheVumba to navigate the bushy paths leading to this majestic site. Don’t forget your swimming gear for a refreshing dip in the natural pool!

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Whether you're finding solace in the serene embrace of the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral or seeking adventure at the enigmatic Chinamata Falls, Mutare has experiences that transcend the ordinary. These destinations are not just visits, but journeys that resonate with your soul. Mutare invites you to explore its unique spiritual and natural landscapes, each telling its own captivating story.



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