2 Best Things To Do in Pasto, Colombia | 2024

Things To Do Mar 13, 2024

Exploring the Heart of Pasto, Colombia: Museo Taminango & Temple of Saint John the Baptist

Welcome to our latest travel adventure where we dive into the cultural and historical essence of Pasto, Colombia. This city, known for its vibrant Carnaval de Negros y Blancos, houses treasures that go beyond the festive colors and into the rich tapestry of Colombian heritage. Today, we spotlight two must-visit places in Pasto: the Museo Taminango and the Temple of Saint John the Baptist.

Museo Taminango

Museo Taminango

A journey into the traditional equatorian museum, Museo Taminango offers visitors a peek into the colonial era of Pasto. Born from a private initiative to preserve Pasto’s colonial heritage, this museum is now a vibrant space showcasing handcrafted masterpieces and the splendid cuisine of the region. With an interesting and rich history contained within a beautiful building, guests can enjoy a private visit at just 3$. Despite some mentioning overpriced items, the museum's display of early Colombian artisanry, including amazing details and craftsmanship, makes it well worth the visit. This small but impactful exhibition promises an incredible and worthwhile experience, especially when visited during the Carnaval season with its Festival de Artesanías.

Google Maps link to Museo Taminango

Temple of Saint John the Baptist

Temple of Saint John the Baptist

The Temple of Saint John the Baptist, situated in the heart of Pasto right next to Plaza de Nariño, stands as a grand document of history and spirituality. Despite facing several earthquakes and weathering that threatened its structure, the temple has risen time and again to stand as a testament to the resilience and faith of the Pastuso people. With its origins intertwined with the city's founding and its walls whispering tales from as early as 1537, the temple combines rustic local materials and architectural designs from various periods. Its significant historical, architectural, and religious value is evident not only in its majestic facade but also in its role in the evangelization of the south of Colombia. Even if you are not a believer, the temple’s marked colonial style and its importance as the resting place of General Agustín Agualongo make it a captivating visit for anyone interested in the rich tapestry of Colombian culture and history.

Google Maps link to the Temple of Saint John the Baptist

Whether you're drawn by the allure of artisan crafts at the Museo Taminango or the historical and spiritual resonance of the Temple of Saint John the Baptist, Pasto offers a journey through the heart of Colombia's cultural and historical landscape. These landmarks serve as a powerful reminder of the city's rich heritage and are essential visits for anyone looking to experience the depth of Colombian tradition and history.



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