3 Best Things To Do in Enshi, China | 2024

Things To Do Mar 19, 2024

The Best Things to Do in Enshi, China

Enshi Grand Canyon

Located in the western part of Hubei province, Enshi Grand Canyon is a breathtaking attraction that offers great scenery and an adventure for those willing to explore its depth. Access to this location has recently improved, making it a hidden gem that's now more accessible to visitors. The canyon provides an exciting hiking trail filled with steep steps, making for a physically engaging experience. Visitors report spending about 5-6 hours in the park, making it an ideal day trip for those looking to immerse themselves in nature without the crowds found in other popular locations.

Enshi Grand Canyon

Tenglong Cave

Another must-visit in Enshi is the Tenglong Cave, known for its vast and deep geological formations. It's recommended to set aside half to a full day to fully explore this wonder. Accessible by car, tour group, or a short shuttle ride from Lichuan station, Tenglong Cave captivates with its unique features and two shows inside the cave that should not be missed. The hike is of moderate difficulty, offering a rewarding exploration through miles of natural beauty. One visitor even mentioned the fascinating fact that a helicopter once flew into the cave, highlighting its massive size.

Tenglong Cave

恩施大峡谷 (Enshi Great Canyon)

The 恩施大峡谷, or Enshi Great Canyon, offers an unparalleled park experience with its vastness and majestic views. The site contains multiple scenic areas, including the 雲龍地縫景區 and 七星寨景區, each presenting different challenges and breathtaking vistas. While some parts of the canyon can be physically demanding, the natural beauty and grand views are definitely worth the effort. Visitors have appreciated the facility's organization, including signage in multiple languages, making navigation easier for international guests. This spot is highly recommended for nature lovers and those seeking to capture the immense beauty of Enshi's landscape.

Enshi Great Canyon

Enshi, with its under-the-radar attractions like the Grand Canyon, Tenglong Cave, and Great Canyon, offers an abundance of natural beauty waiting to be explored. Each site provides a unique adventure, from hiking and exploring caves to enjoying panoramic views of one of China's most scenic areas. Don't miss the chance to visit these spectacular natural wonders on your next trip to Enshi.



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