3 Best Things To Do in Hargeysa, Somalia | 2024

Things To Do Mar 21, 2024

Exploring Hargeysa: Top Places You Must Visit

Whether you're a local, part of the diaspora, or a visitor in Hargeysa, the vibrant capital of Somaliland, there are several key spots that promise an enriching experience. Here's a closer look at some of the best places to visit in Hargeysa.

1. Saryan Museum

Saryan Museum

The Saryan Museum is an essential stop for anyone interested in the rich history and culture of Somaliland. From historical artifacts related to the country's public figures to displays of nomadic and farmers' equipment, coins, and notes, and even elements from the civil war, the museum offers a comprehensive view of Somaliland's past and present. Visitors appreciate the affordable entry fees and the insightful tours led by knowledgeable staff. The museum serves as an educational gem, especially recommended for students to instill pride in their heritage.

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2. University of Hargeisa

University of Hargeisa

The University of Hargeisa stands as the leading higher education institution in Somaliland. Established in 2000, it has grown to become the largest public university in the region, hosting over 20,000 students. Offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the university is dedicated to equipping students with the necessary skills for a successful future and contributing to the educational and professional development within Somaliland. It's a hallmark of hope and progress, offering amazing futures to its students.

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3. Landmark Apartments Hargeisa

Landmark Apartments Hargeisa

For those looking for comfortable and secure accommodation in Hargeisa, the Landmark Apartments are an excellent choice. Praised for its serene environment and top-notch hospitality, the apartments offer a home away from home experience. With their convenient location, modest cost, and amenities like a sitting room, small kitchen, and ensuite bathrooms, these apartments are perfect for both short and long stays. The well-maintained garden provides a beautiful space for relaxation and is within easy walking distance of local shops and eateries.

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Each of these locations offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Hargeysa, from its rich history and educational institutions to comfortable living spaces. Whether you're a history buff, a prospective student, or simply looking for a pleasant stay, Hargeysa has something to offer for everyone.



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