3 Best Things To Do in Sogamoso, Colombia | 2024

Things To Do Mar 7, 2024

Discover the Marvels of Sogamoso, Colombia: A Guide for Avid Travelers

Sun Temple: A Glimpse into Muisca Ancestry

Sun Temple

For those interested in the rich history and customs of the Muisca civilization, the Sun Temple in Sogamoso is a must-visit destination. This tranquil place offers an immersive experience at a modest ticket price. Though visits are currently limited to 1.5 hours due to the pandemic, it’s ample time to absorb the area’s fascinating history. The temple, a reconstruction from 1942, stands as a 18-meter-high testament to Muisca architecture, perfectly aligning with the sun every December 22. The surrounding cemetery with mummified bodies enhances its mystical allure. The tragic destruction of the original temple by Spanish soldiers in 1537, leading to the loss of invaluable history, adds a poignant layer to your visit.

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Finca San Pedro: A Serene Escape

Finca San Pedro

Finca San Pedro is not just a hostel; it's a paradise nestled on the outskirts of Sogamoso. Known for its peaceful ambiance and breathtaking surroundings, it serves as a family home for generations and offers an unforgettable experience. The property is a horticultural haven, accompanied by friendly pets, making exploration a joy. The on-site yoga program, directed by Juan, adds to the relaxation, with sessions taking place amidst the natural beauty. Comfortable accommodations and a simple, delightful breakfast further ensure a pleasant stay. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Museo Arqueologico, which, despite its language limitations, offers profound insights into the Muisca culture.

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Páramo de Siscunsí: Nature's Masterpiece

Páramo de Siscunsí

For an unparalleled encounter with nature, Páramo de Siscunsí beckons. The journey to this unique ecosystem is best undertaken with a guide to fully appreciate its beauty and significance. From the moderate challenge of a one-hour walk to the tranquility it offers, this haven of peace is a treasure for ecotourists. En route to the Siscunsi lagoon, you’ll face swampy paths soon to be made accessible by platforms, making the adventure accessible to many. For the more adventurous, the demanding treks to the Stony and Red lagoons promise exhilaration. Don’t forget to prepare for the cold and tread lightly, leaving no trace behind.

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