4 Best Lunch Places in Rivne, Ukraine | 2024

Lunch Places Mar 5, 2024

The Best Lunch Places in Rivne, Ukraine

Discovering the best places to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch in Rivne, Ukraine, can transform any ordinary day into a memorable experience. Whether you prefer cozy cafes or elegant restaurants, Rivne has something special to offer. We've compiled a list of top lunch spots that cater to every taste.

1. Fortissimo

Fortissimo stands out as a cozy and relaxing spot where both the young and old can enjoy exceptional deserts, ice cream, coffee, tea, and cocktails. Although not a full-scale restaurant, it offers a delightful selection of pre-prepared desserts and main dishes that consistently hit the mark. The atmosphere is complemented by house techno music, creating a chill vibe that’s hard to beat.

Fortissimo Cafe

Prices are mid-range for Rivne, with an English menu and very friendly service to boot. It's the perfect spot for everyone, from families to solo visitors looking for quality food and drinks.

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2. Egoista

Just two minutes from Rivne Central Theatre, Egoista boasts an Instagram-worthy interior, excellent customer service, and a vast variety of food and drinks. Their special pizza Egoista is a must-try, offering an unforgettable taste that has captivated both locals and travelers alike.

Egoista Restaurant

The blend of delicious food, stylish interior, and friendly staff makes Egoista a top choice for anyone seeking a memorable lunch in Rivne.

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3. Melange Restaurant

Melange Restaurant is celebrated for its modern ambiance, refined dishes, and top-notch service. It's especially noted for being family-friendly, thanks to its dedicated children's room and attentive staff who ensure both kids and parents enjoy their time. The cuisine is highly recommended, making Melange a great spot for celebrations or a relaxing lunch.

Melange Restaurant

Whether you're planning a family outing or a quiet lunch, Melange offers an unrivaled experience in Rivne.

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4. Kinza

Kinza is a gem for those seeking delicious meals in a cozy environment. The menu features a delectable selection of salads, meats, and grilled fish, all at fair prices. The welcoming staff and the warm ambiance make it an ideal spot for a casual lunch or dinner, especially on chilly days.

Kinza Restaurant

With its excellent food and service, Kinza is a favorite among both locals and visitors. Don't miss out on this delightful dining experience!

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Exploring Rivne’s culinary scene is a journey of discovery. These establishments not only serve delicious meals but also offer an environment that enhances your dining experience. Bon appétit!



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