4 Best Ramen Places in Islington, United Kingdom | 2024

Ramen Places Mar 19, 2024

The Best Ramen Spots in Islington, United Kingdom

Islington, a bustling borough of London, is home to some of the most authentic and heartwarming ramen you'll find outside of Japan. From cozy hideouts to traditional Japanese izakayas, we've got you covered with the top places to enjoy this delightful dish. Here are our top picks!

Zen Mondo

Zen Mondo Interior

Known for its authentic Japanese taste and high-quality ingredients, Zen Mondo delights its guests with fantastic food and a good selection of sake at very reasonable prices. From sukiyaki and sushi platters to delicious tempura, this gorgeous little restaurant makes you feel like you're dining in Japan itself. The attentive and friendly staff add to the charm of this place, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking the true taste of Kansai region cuisine in London.

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Akari Dining Area

For an authentic izakaya experience, look no further than Akari. This local favorite excellently combines the ambiance of a semi-casual pub with top-notch Japanese cuisine, including fresh tuna tartare, perfectly cooked pork belly, and unique potato mochi cakes. Its loyal following, including plenty of Asian customers, serves as a testament to the authenticity and quality of the food served here. Whether you're in the area or just visiting, Akari promises an unforgettable Japanese dining experience without having to leave Islington.

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Tenshi Interior

Tenshi stands out for its cozy and comfy vibe that captures the essence of Japanese dining. From the friendly wait staff to a diverse menu offering both traditional and unusual dishes, Tenshi is the perfect spot for anyone looking to explore authentic Japanese cuisine without breaking the bank. The restaurant's atmosphere and attention to quality have made it a go-to for both locals and newcomers enthralled by its charm and excellence.

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Monohon Ramen

Monohon Ramen Bowl

If you're seeking a ramen haven in the heart of London, Monohon Ramen is the place to be. Esteemed for its SHOUYU TONKOTSU and a variety of vegan options, this spot has quickly become a favorite among ramen aficionados. Despite its modest size, the exceptional quality of the dishes and the cozy atmosphere make it worth the wait. From the harmonious blend of flavors in their ramen to the warm, inviting environment, Monohon Ramen has rightfully earned its title as a top ramen destination in Islington.

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