4 Best Things To Do in Klevan, Ukraine

Things To Do Feb 29, 2024

Discovering Klevan, Ukraine: A Hidden Gem

Tunnel of Love

Just as mesmerizing in person as it is in photographs, the Tunnel of Love in Klevan offers a magical experience. Surrounded by lush green arches, this is a perfect spot for romantic walks and photography enthusiasts. Despite its popularity, timing your visit can give you a peaceful experience, as shared by visitors. Be mindful of the local café for a brief rest, and prepare for mosquitos!

Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love Entrance
Tunnel of Love Close-Up

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Klevan Castle

For the adventurous at heart, the abandoned Klevan Castle whispers stories of the past. While not maintained as a tourist site, it offers a raw and authentic experience for those interested in ruins and history. Caution is advised due to its dilapidated state, but the site still draws visitors for its eerie beauty and photo opportunities.

Klevan Castle
Klevan Castle Ruins
Klevan Castle Entrance

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Tunelʹ Kokhannya Zamisʹkyy Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks

Close to the Tunnel of Love, this hotel offers a serene retreat with excellent service, great food, and comfortable accommodations. Whether visiting for the Tunnel of Love or simply exploring Klevan, guests have found this spot to be a wonderful find. The hospitality is highly praised, making it a recommended stay.

Hotel Exterior
Hotel Dining
Hotel Room

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Starovynna Vodonapirna Vezha

An ancient water tower, entwined in the heart of Klevan with wild grapes, presents a picturesque but somewhat forgotten scene. Although the area around it could benefit from some care, it remains a point of interest for those fascinated by historic structures and those who find beauty in forgotten places. Its proximity to other attractions in Klevan makes it a worthwhile stop.

Ancient Water Tower
Tower Close-Up
Tower with Garbage

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