5 Best Things To Do in Xinzhou, China | 2024

Things To Do Mar 22, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Xinzhou, China

1. Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai

Renowned for its spectacular array of temples and breathtaking natural scenery, Mount Wutai is a must-visit destination. A UNESCO World Heritage site that intertwines the essence of Tibetan and Han Chinese Buddhism, the mountain's five terraces are adorned with over 50 temples. Despite recent renovations, which some argue detract slightly from its historical aura, the beauty and cultural significance of Mount Wutai remain undeniable. Visitors are encouraged to start at the top and work their way down, ensuring they don't miss the shimmering collection of golden temples, pagodas, and intricately carved Buddhas. Google Maps

2. Foguang Temple

Foguang Temple

Hidden away in the serenity of nature, Foguang Temple stands as a testament to Tang Dynasty architecture and is celebrated as "China's first national treasure". The temple is home to the world’s second oldest wooden building, surrounded by ancient pines that quietly whisper tales from the past. This architectural marvel and its significance in the evolution of Chinese religious edifices make Foguang Temple a serene and enriching visit. Google Maps

3. 悬空寺 (Hanging Temple)

Hanging Temple

As one of the standout architectural wonders of China, the Hanging Temple is an awe-inspiring structure that defies gravity as it clings to the mountainside. Recognized as the first multi-faith temple in ancient China, it offers a unique blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. The temple provides an unforgettable experience but do remember to bring your passport for entry and wear appropriate footwear for a safe and enjoyable visit. Google Maps

4. Yingze Park

Yingze Park

Yingze Park, the most visited park in Taiyuan, offers a plethora of activities across its expansive, beautifully landscaped grounds. From summer boating on the lake to winter skiing, the park caters to all seasons. Its variety of pagodas, temples, and historical buildings make it a perfect spot for leisurely exploration or to simply soak in the local vibe. Google Maps

5. Shanxi Museum

Shanxi Museum

The Shanxi Museum offers visitors a profound journey through China's rich history with its extensive collection of archeological finds, gracefully narrated in a chronological fashion. Ideal for history buffs and culture enthusiasts alike, the museum offers a captivating look into the past amidst the tranquility away from holiday crowds. Highly recommended for a day well spent diving into China's storied history. Google Maps



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