6 Best Mexican Restaurants in Tochigi, Japan | 2024

Mexican Restaurants Mar 6, 2024

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Tochigi, Japan

1. THUNDER TACOS(サンダータコス)

A treasure trove of authentic Mexican food nestled in Utsunomiya, Thunder Tacos is celebrated for its friendly atmosphere and delectable cuisine. Patrons rave about the variety, from mouth-watering Garlic Shrimp with Mexican Rice to the popular Birria tacos – a must-try with extra green sauce and lemon. Vegetarian options are also a hit, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


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2. Sango35

Located by serendipity, Sango35 is a small yet vibrant spot that promises an authentic Mexican experience. The Mexico Tacos come highly recommended; a beautiful adaptation celebrated by locals and travelers alike. The venue offers three types of tequilas and promises good food, conversations, and a cozy atmosphere.


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Renowned for its corn tortilla tacos that bring a taste of Mexico City to Utsunomiya, Bagdad Cafe Higa delights with authentic flavors and a wide selection of tequilas. Regulars are addicted to its homemade sauces and commend the energetic atmosphere cultivated by the smiling owner and friendly bartender.


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4. Mexican Kitchen バルバ

Offering a slice of authentic Mexican delight, this restaurant is praised for its tacos, stuffed jalapeños, and outstanding service. Only a short walk from JR Koga station, it’s a must-visit for anyone craving Mexican cuisine in Japan. The ambiance is cute, clean, and welcoming—a testament to its popularity among locals and expatriates alike.

Mexican Kitchen バルバ

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5. サウスウエスト・パラダイス

A perfect fusion of Northwest America and Mexican cuisines, this restaurant wins hearts with its home-style cooking and friendly atmosphere. Whether it’s the beef tacos, enchiladas, or the stylish bar, the place encapsulates Santa Fe vibes perfectly. It’s praised for its healthy options and is a cozy spot to unwind.


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6. El Torito Ikebukuro Nishiguchi

Bringing a taste of Mexican cuisine to Tokyo, El Torito offers a captivating dining experience. From the table side guac to a variety of dishes that cater to every palate, this restaurant stands out for its ambiance, service, and conveniently located spot near Ikebukuro station. The consensus among visitors? An unforgettable food journey!

El Torito Ikebukuro Nishiguchi

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