7 Best Boxing Gyms in Concepción, Chile | 2024

Boxing Gyms Mar 15, 2024

The Best Boxing Gyms in Concepción, Chile: A Guide for Enthusiasts and Amateurs Alike

For those looking to dive into the world of boxing or elevate their skills in Concepción, Chile, finding the right gym can be a pivotal step in your journey. We’ve scoured the area and gathered insights from real visitors to bring you a list of the top boxing facilities that stand out for their quality, atmosphere, and training excellence.

1. Club Strikebox Concepción

Club Strikebox Concepción

Known for its high level of seriousness, discipline, and professionalism, Club Strikebox holds a place of prestige both regionally and nationally. The demanding training regimens are balanced with strong technical support, making it an ideal environment for both amateurs and professionals. Members praise its excellent environment, camaraderie, and the passionate support from coaches.

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2. Boxing Club "JV" Concepción

Boxing Club JV Concepción

A place that feels like home and where respect between teachers and students is paramount. With experienced teachers pushing students to excel and a pathway to sparring and competitions, this gym fosters technical improvement and physical conditioning. A highlight is its affiliation with the boxing federation, promising fights and national tournament participation.

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3. Balance Box CrossFit

Balance Box CrossFit

Though not exclusively a boxing gym, Balance Box CrossFit offers an excellent facility for those looking to complement their boxing with crossfit training. Praised for its family atmosphere and the quality of its coaches, it's a great choice for a holistic approach to fitness.

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4. Crossfit FVC

Crossfit FVC

This gym offers a welcoming environment for both beginners and those looking to further their boxing skills. Coaches are always willing to help, ensuring a positive training experience for everyone.

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5. Bfitgimnasios


Though more of a traditional gym, Bfitgimnasios is praised for its ample equipment, friendly staff, and great facilities, making it a versatile choice for those who might want to mix boxing training with other forms of exercise.

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6. Boxeo Athan Concepción

Boxeo Athan Concepción

This gym comes with glowing recommendations for its professional atmosphere and experienced teachers. It’s recognized as one of the best in Concepción and the region for both learning and practicing boxing.

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7. Gimnasio Flex

Gimnasio Flex

With an affordable day rate of 2000 CLP, Gimnasio Flex offers excellent facilities, modern machines, and quality personal training services, making it a great option for those looking to get into or maintain their boxing regimen.

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Finding the right boxing gym in Concepción is crucial for anyone looking to get into the sport or enhance their skills. Each of these facilities offers something unique, whether it’s the environment, level of training, or additional fitness options. We hope our guide helps you find the perfect spot to train, improve, and perhaps even compete.



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