7 Best Italian Bakeries in Bergamo, Italy | 2024

Italian Bakeries Mar 19, 2024

The Best Italian Bakeries in Bergamo, Italy

When in Bergamo, a journey to some of the local bakeries isn't just a treat; it's an absolute must. From classic pastries to innovative sweets that blend tradition with creativity, these bakeries offer a taste of Italy that is worth exploring. Here are some of the top Italian bakeries in Bergamo that you simply cannot miss.

1. Forneria Rota

Forneria Rota

Located in the heart of Bergamo, Forneria Rota is acclaimed for its friendly staff, delicious coffee, and a delightful selection of both sweet and savory options. Visitors rave about the focaccia with cheese and potato, as well as the irresistible Berliner doughnuts. With great customer service and products, it's no wonder this place has become a go-to for both locals and tourists alike.

2. Pasticceria Krizia

Pasticceria Krizia

Pasticceria Krizia offers an extensive variety of pastries, making it a tough decision to choose just one. From breakfast treats to pre-dinner appetizers, everything is excellent, fresh, and of the highest quality. With quick service and a smile, Pasticceria Krizia is a 'must-visit' for anyone with a sweet tooth.

3. Sapority pasticceria Siciliana

Sapority pasticceria Siciliana

For an authentic slice of Sicily in Bergamo, Sapority pasticceria Siciliana is the place to be. Their aragostine with ricotta and pistachio is a must-try, offering a crispy and well-balanced taste. The staff's warm welcome and the authentic Sicilian taste will make your visit memorable.

4. Italo Tresoldi forno artigianale

Italo Tresoldi forno artigianale

Famed for its beautiful desserts and bread that taste as good as they look, Italo Tresoldi offers friendly service and delightful treats. Whether you're a local or studying in Bergamo, this bakery's wide array of pastries will keep you coming back for more.

5. Elidor Patisserie

Elidor Patisserie

Elidor Patisserie presents a remarkable fusion of French sophistication and Italian charm with an array of delicious sweets, perfect matcha lattes, and friendly service. Offering both sweet and savory options, it's a splendid spot for every palate.

6. Mirko And Cinzia Bellini's Bakery

Mirko And Cinzia Bellini's Bakery

This bakery is beloved for its fantastic bread, great coffee, and sweets. Visitors appreciate the kindness and courtesy displayed here, along with the peaceful environment and tasty treats. Definitely a local favorite.

7. Bergamo uno

Bergamo uno

Bergamo uno stands out for its excellent staff and quality food that remains open 24 hours a day. Whether you're looking for a tasty slice of pizza after the evening or just a snack, this place offers excellent service and quality at any hour.

Bergamo, Italy, is a haven for bakery lovers. Each bakery has its unique charm and specialties, making them worth the visit for anyone who finds themselves in this beautiful city. So next time you're in Bergamo, be sure to stop by these amazing bakeries!



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