7 Best Things To Do in Gantang, China

Things To Do Mar 1, 2024

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Gantang, China

Join me on a breathtaking journey to some of the most remarkable hidden gems in Gantang, China. From historical monuments to natural wonders, Gantang offers an array of experiences for every type of traveler.

Temple of Heaven

My adventure started at the Temple of Heaven, a serene park that houses more than just the central structure I initially thought it comprised. An entire day was scarcely enough to explore its gardens and capture the temple from various angles. It’s a spot less crowded than the Forbidden City, making it a peaceful retreat.

Temple of Heaven 1
Temple of Heaven 2
Temple of Heaven 3

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Gedengshan Monument

The Gedengshan Monument, standing since 1760, commemorates the decisive victory of the Qing Dynasty over the Dzungar Khanate. The surrounding view that borders two countries immensely adds to its charm and historical significance.

Gedengshan Monument 1
Gedengshan Monument 2
Gedengshan Monument 3

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Tongling Grand Canyon

Nestled in Jingxi County, the Tongling Grand Canyon is a natural marvel. With canyons connected by underground rivers and home to over 2,000 rare plants, it's a paradise for nature lovers. The highlight, an extremely high waterfall, is a sight to behold during the wet season.

Tongling Grand Canyon 1
Tongling Grand Canyon 2
Tongling Grand Canyon 3

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The Palace Museum

The immense scale of The Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, is something that must be experienced in person. Despite the crowds, the grandeur and magnificence of this historical site are palpable, and the efficient restaurant within its compound is perfect for a mid-visit recharge.

The Palace Museum 1
The Palace Museum 2
The Palace Museum 3

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Tiananmen Square

The iconic Tiananmen Square, with its vastness and historical significance, is a must-visit in Beijing. Though crowded, the experience of walking through the square, with the sight of locals and the sheer size of it, is something you'll never forget.

Tiananmen Square 1
Tiananmen Square 2
Tiananmen Square 3

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Dongjiguan Shanbei Baolei

Exploring the Dongjiguan Shanbei Baolei, the site of significant historical battles during the Russo-Japanese War, was both somber and enlightening. It's fascinating to wander the ruins and delve into the history that shaped this region.

Dongjiguan Shanbei Baolei 1
Dongjiguan Shanbei Baolei 2
Dongjiguan Shanbei Baolei 3

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Getu River

The Getu River, with its rich history dating back to the Warring States Period and the Yelang Kingdom, is a testament to China's vast and diverse cultural tapestry. It's fascinating to explore this area and imagine the stories of the past.

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Gantang, with its historical and natural treasures, provides a unique glimpse into China's past and present. Each site visited was not just a check on the travel list but a journey through time and beauty. So, the next time you find yourself in China, make sure to add Gantang to your itinerary!



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