8 Best Wine Bars in Tours, France | 2024

Wine Bars Mar 19, 2024

The Best Wine Bars in Tours, France

Welcome to your ultimate guide to savoring the best wine experiences in the idyllic city of Tours. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or looking to enjoy a cozy night out, we've curated a list of must-visit wine bars just for you.

1. Yvonne

Yvonne Wine Bar

Yvonne is a hip wine bar celebrated for its seasonal, delicious food and fantastic wine selection. Patrons love the intimate setting, where a single chef and server run the show, crafting dishes with flavors from around the globe. Favorites include the beef tartar, fish ceviche, and veggie crisps. Find it on the map.

2. Bibovino


This charming spot offers an enlightened approach to tasting local wines paired perfectly with a planche of local cheese and cured meat. The ambiance is vibrant, staff friendly, and the value unquestionable, making Bibovino a top choice for wine lovers. Find it on the map.

3. Havana Cafe Tours

Havana Cafe Tours

A slice of Cuba in the heart of Tours, Havana Cafe offers a variety of rum cocktails in a very good atmosphere. It's the perfect small, typical Cuban bar to enjoy good old rum and excellent cocktails. Find it on the map.

4. O Lieudit Wine

O Lieudit Wine

Enjoy beautiful wines, amazing food, and a friendly atmosphere at O Lieudit Wine. Whether you're here for a simple and delicious meal or to explore their excellent selection of wines, you're in for a treat. Remember to reserve your table! Find it on the map.

5. Le Tournesol

Le Tournesol

Le Tournesol offers a fantastic atmosphere and very friendly staff, making it a perfect place for an evening drink. Enjoy signature drinks, great coffee, and the option to bring your own croissant for breakfast. Find it on the map.

6. L'Affiné, Les comptoirs

L'Affiné, Les comptoirs

This inviting cave à vins offers a seamless wine-tasting experience coupled with delightful snacks. Enjoy a selection of top cheeses and fine wines in a friendly, open atmosphere. Note: It's closed on Sundays. Find it on the map.

7. Restaurant L'Affiné

Restaurant L'Affiné

If you're a cheese aficionado, Restaurant L'Affiné is your paradise. Specializing in cheese dishes, this restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience paired with the finest wines. The atmosphere is comfortable, and the staff runs between here and its sister wine bar across the street. Find it on the map.

8. La Bodega by matthis

La Bodega by matthis

Enjoy an evening at La Bodega by Matthis for a great selection of tapas and wine. The atmosphere is warm, service friendly, and the tapas both excellent and refreshing. With a weekly changing menu, La Bodega keeps the dining experience exciting. Find it on the map.

Whether you’re a local or visiting, these wine bars in Tours offer an unforgettable taste of France’s rich wine culture and delectable cuisine. Santé!



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