Top 10 Things To Do in Sheridan, United States

Things To Do Feb 29, 2024

Sheridan Inn, BW Signature Collection

The unmistakably quaint and historic Sheridan Inn is a gem in the charming town of Sheridan, Wyoming. With impeccable service, divine dining, and a touch of historical allure, it's no wonder guests are eager to return.

Sheridan Inn Exterior
Sheridan Inn Dining
Sheridan Inn Room

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Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office

Serenity meets adventure in the great outdoors of Tongue Ranger District. Perfect for kayaking, hiking, and basking in the untouched beauty of nature.

Tongue Ranger District Landscape
Tongue Ranger District Lake
Tongue Ranger District Pathway

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Kendrick Park

A verdant oasis for families and nature lovers alike. Kendrick Park's sprawling playgrounds, scenic walking paths, and abundant greenery make it a must-visit.

Kendrick Park Playground
Kendrick Park Walking Path
Kendrick Park Bench View

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307 Discovery Center

A haven for curiosities and fun, the 307 Discovery Center welcomes you to a world of interactive enjoyment suitable for all ages. Truly, a place where education meets entertainment.

Discovery Center Activities
Discovery Center VR Experience

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Whitney Commons Park

A heartening blend of nature and community amenities. Whitney Commons Park boasts a playground, splash park, and tranquil gardens—all just footsteps from downtown Sheridan.

Whitney Commons Park Playground
Whitney Commons Park Splash Pad
Whitney Commons Park Garden

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South Park Recreation Area

Where tranquility meets activity. Enjoy concrete walking paths beside the river, wildlife viewing, and fishing in just one visit to South Park Recreation Area.

South Park Walking Path
South Park Bench View
South Park River View

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Emerson Park

A serene neighborhood park offering lush greenery, a winding footpath, and a creekside ambiance that provides a perfect backdrop for family and friend gatherings.

Emerson Park Pavilion
Emerson Park Pathway
Emerson Park Creek

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Sheridan County Travel & Tourism

Your starting point for exploring Sheridan's treasures, offering an array of local information, clean facilities, and stunning vistas that promise unforgettable experiences.

Sheridan County Travel & Tourism Exterior
Sheridan County Travel & Tourism Information
Sheridan County Travel & Tourism View

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Sheridan Recreation District

Providing residents and visitors with exceptional recreational options year-round. Whether it's sledding in the winter or exploring the many trails during warmer months, the District brings the community together.

Sheridan Recreation District
Sheridan Recreation District Winter
Sheridan Recreation District Trail

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Marshall Park

With an inviting atmosphere and abundant space for play, Marshall Park stands out as a vibrant haven for families looking to enjoy outdoor leisure and sporting activities.

Marshall Park
Marshall Park Picnic Area
Marshall Park Playground

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