Top 2 Chinese Restaurants in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain | 2024

Chinese Restaurants Mar 9, 2024

The Best Chinese Restaurants in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain

For those craving authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, we've got two top-notch recommendations that promise to satisfy your appetite. Both of these establishments have left customers raving about their experiences, making them must-visit locations for any food enthusiast in the area.

1. Asiático Yin

Asiático Yin Interior

Asiático Yin stands out for its tastiness, affordability, and friendly staff. Customers have highlighted the excellence of the food, mentioning specifically how well-cooked it is (noting the fried food isn't oily), and the great value for money, with menus starting at just 7.50€. The cozy ambiance and attentive service from the owner also add to the overall positive dining experience. Whether you drop by on a special occasion like New Year's Eve or just for a regular meal, Asiático Yin is highly recommended by many who have dined there.

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2. Restaurante Chino Estrella Oriental

Restaurante Chino Estrella Oriental

Restaurante Chino Estrella Oriental is a gem for those in search of value and quality. With full menus available for just €7.75, patrons can enjoy a variety of dishes, including spring rolls, rice, chicken with nuts, and dessert, all of which have been praised for their flavor and freshness. The friendly and attentive staff, alongside the spacious and beautifully decorated ambiance, make dining here a pleasure. Additional touches, like complimentary non-alcoholic shots and wine for special occasions, show the restaurant's dedication to providing a memorable experience. Despite minor comments about the heat and chair comfort, the overall sentiment from visitors is overwhelmingly positive.

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If you're exploring Torrejón de Ardoz and find yourself in the mood for some delectable Chinese cuisine, make sure to check out Asiático Yin and Restaurante Chino Estrella Oriental. These two spots are celebrated not just for their culinary offerings but also for their warm hospitality and inviting atmospheres.



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