Top 2 Things To Do in Bunia, Congo, Democratic Republic of the | 2024

Things To Do Mar 14, 2024

The Best Things to Do in Bunia, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Discover the hidden gems of Bunia, a city with unique attractions and unforgettable experiences. Get ready for an adventure in the heart of Congo, Democratic Republic of the.



A culinary oasis in Bunia, MONUSCO HOUSE stands out not just for its food but for its comprehensive facilities, including a gym, tennis court, and even a dance floor. Known primarily as a haven for UN staff, the restaurant welcomes visitors with a cozy atmosphere, making it a pleasant dining experience in a remote location.

Customers rave about the restaurant's Fish Steak with Chips and Pilli Pilli Sauce, among other delicacies like burgers and whole fried chicken. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it occasionally transforms into an open-air cinema. Its security, safe parking, and friendly staff add to its charm, making it a must-visit for anyone in Bunia. Remember, access requires a UN badge.

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2. Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park, located in the Kisoro district nearby the border with Rwanda, offers an unrivaled natural experience. The park's lush landscapes are home to diverse wildlife, including the iconic mountain gorillas.

Visitors have described stays at the lodge and tent camp as first-class experiences, with 5-star food and the unique opportunity to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. Hiking and close encounters with gorilla families make for unforgettable memories. The warm, friendly people and the park's natural beauty make it a must-visit destination. The entire trip can be coordinated by the Virunga National Park team, ensuring a seamless and authentic experience.

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