Top 2 Things To Do in Diyarbakır, Turkey | 2024

Things To Do Mar 18, 2024

Discovering the Charms of Diyarbakır, Turkey

Diyarbakır, a city rich in history and culture, offers a variety of fascinating attractions to explore. Here are some top sites to visit during your stay in this captivating city.

Diyarbakır Walls

These ancient walls are not only a testament to Diyarbakır's rich history but also offer stunning views and a unique experience. Walking around the walls, as some visitors suggest, is a journey through time. The ongoing restoration efforts are revitalizing this historic site, hinting at even greater enhancements for future tourists.

One visitor mentioned the idea of transforming some towers into innovative spaces like AirBnB accommodations or restaurants, which could add a unique twist to the attraction. The walls, which are second in length only to the Great Wall of China, present a breathtaking sight, especially during the late spring.

Diyarbakır Walls

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Cemil Pasha Mansion

The Cemil Pasha Mansion is an exquisite historical place that captivates visitors with its beauty and elegance. The mansion houses exhibitions that display local living styles, offering a glimpse into the past. Best of all, entrance to the mansion is free, making it an accessible attraction for everyone.

Visitors consistently praise the mansion for its architectural beauty and historical significance. It's a must-see destination, particularly recommended on weekdays for a more intimate experience.

Cemil Pasha Mansion

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Exploring Diyarbakır's historical landmarks offers a rich experience that blends the past with the present. Whether you're walking along the ancient walls or marveling at the architectural beauty of the Cemil Pasha Mansion, Diyarbakır invites you to delve into its splendid heritage.



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