Top 3 Pubs in Narita, Japan | 2024

Pubs Mar 7, 2024

Discovering the Gem Pubs in Narita, Japan

If you're exploring Narita, Japan, and looking for the perfect spot to unwind with a drink, you’re in luck! We've delved into some of the city's beloved pubs to bring you a guide that promises not just a good drink but an unforgettable experience. From cozy interiors to friendly service, here are the best pubs you must check out.

Queen Bar

Queen Bar Interior

Queen Bar stands out for its reasonable prices, tasty food, and fast service. It's the go-to place to enjoy a great time with friends and colleagues, promising an atmosphere filled with good vibes. The owner's approachable demeanor contributes to the bar's welcoming charm, making patrons feel right at home. Whether you're here to enjoy the gorgeous ambiance or for the fantastic and amazing experiences, Queen Bar won't disappoint.

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Little Italy

Little Italy Bar

Little Italy is a charming spot in the heart of Narita that embodies a warm and casual atmosphere. Led by the friendly owner Augusto, the staff here go above and beyond to welcome everyone. It's a melting pot of local and Western patrons, all drawn together by the promise of good drinks and great company. Regulars praise its cozy vibe, astonishing service, and the seamless blend of safety and fun, making it a must-visit during any layover or local stay.

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Bar Road.

Bar Road Interior

Bar Road. is where the night comes alive with its spectacular assortment of drinks. The place is renowned for its frozen cocktails, coffee-based fire shots, and a wide variety of whiskey. Master Taku, along with the friendly regulars, makes it a point to create an unforgettable night filled with conversations and laughter. If you're looking for a place infused with authentic atmosphere and quality drinks in Narita, bar Road. is the perfect hidden gem.

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Whether you're seeking a cozy corner to relax, a vibrant atmosphere to make new friends, or simply a place to savor quality drinks, Narita's pubs have something for everyone. Make sure to visit these gems for an authentic and enjoyable experience.




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