Top 5 Things To Do in Satara, India | 2024

Things To Do Mar 17, 2024

Top 5 Must-Visit Attractions in Satara, India

Discover the beauty and heritage of Satara, a city nestled in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. From ancient temples to breathtaking waterfalls, Satara offers a plethora of experiences for every traveler. Here's our pick of the top 5 attractions you shouldn't miss.

1. Shri Uttar Chidambaram Nataraj Mandir

Shri Uttar Chidambaram Nataraj Mandir

This temple's stunning Dravidian architecture and serene surroundings offer a divine experience. Visitors rave about the peaceful environment, the impressive idols of gods, and the overall divine presence. South Indian heritage shines through, making it a must-visit for those exploring Satara.

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2. Ajinkyatara Fort

Ajinkyatara Fort

Standing tall with its rich Maratha Empire history, Ajinkyatara Fort offers stunning panoramic views of Satara. The trek might be challenging, but the rewarding views and the serene sunrise or sunset amongst chirping birds make it a worthy adventure.

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3. Thoseghar Waterfall

Thoseghar Waterfall

A marvel of nature, Thoseghar Waterfall is stunning during the monsoon with its cascading waters. Well-organized with sufficient facilities, the waterfall area is perfect for a day outing, offering mesmerizing views and a peaceful environment.

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4. Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad Fort

A blend of spirituality and history, Sajjangad Fort is not only rich in Marathi culture but also offers breathtaking views and an essence of tranquility. The fort provides accommodation and is a source of inspiration and peace for its visitors.

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5. Vajrai Waterfall

Vajrai Waterfall

Vajrai Waterfall, standing tall at 1840 ft, is a breath-taking sight especially from June to September. Though the trek might be challenging, especially for those who aren't regular trekkers, reaching the waterfall is an adventurous journey enveloped in the beauty of nature.

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Whether it's the architectural marvels, the historical forts, or the natural wonders, Satara is a city that promises enchanting experiences for all its visitors.



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