Top 6 Vietnamese Restaurants in Kursk, Russian Federation

Vietnamese Restaurants Feb 29, 2024

Exploring the Culinary Delights of Kursk, Russia

Pho Tung

A delightful journey to Asia without leaving Kursk. Patrons rave about the fast service, delectable dishes, and healthy options at Pho Tung. It's like finding a hidden gem in the vastness of Kursk.

Pho Tung Interior
Pho Tung Dish
Pho Tung Bowl

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Ресторан SAVA

From graduation lunches to casual dining, SAVA impresses with its amazing meals, friendly staff, and beautiful decor. Although on the pricey end, visitors agree that the experience is well worth it.

Ресторан SAVA Interior
Ресторан SAVA Meal
Ресторан SAVA Dining

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Elegance on a plate and impeccable service make Bykovskiy a must-visit. Despite being pricey, the culinary experience here justifies every penny. Perfect for any occasion, it's advised to book ahead due to its popularity.

Bykovskiy Plate
Bykovskiy Interior
Bykovskiy Meal

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Ресторан Seasons - A Cautionary Tale

Unfortunately, not all dining stories have a happy ending. A recent visit to Ресторан Seasons left much to be desired, from barely-edible meals to questionable service. It's a poignant reminder to choose wisely.

Ресторан Seasons Decor
Ресторан Seasons Dish

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Piratskaya Bukhta

A mixed bag in terms of experiences, yet Piratskaya Bukhta still comes recommended for its amazing steaks and accommodating staff. Some visits might be less than perfect, but it remains a notable spot atop the Europa department store.

Piratskaya Bukhta Exterior
Piratskaya Bukhta Dish
Piratskaya Bukhta Dining Area

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Pasta Basta

A place where comfort food meets cozy ambience, Pasta Basta offers a slice of serenity in Kursk. Despite some reported downs, many patrons find solace and satisfaction in its dishes, particularly the white sauce pasta.

Pasta Basta Exterior
Pasta Basta Interior
Pasta Basta Pasta Dish

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