Top 8 Places To Play Pool in Grand Rapids, United States | 2024

Places To Play Pool Mar 17, 2024

Discover the Best Places to Play Pool in Grand Rapids

Looking for the perfect spot to shoot some pool in Grand Rapids? Whether you’re a seasoned pool player or just looking for a cool place to hang out with friends, Grand Rapids has several great options. Here’s a snapshot of the top places to consider for your next game night.

1. Eastside Billiards

Eastside Billiards

Eastside Billiards has transformed into an upscale venue post-COVID, with a thoughtfully selected liquor range and professionally maintained tables. The changing food menu caters to customer preferences, and the atmosphere is always welcoming.

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2. The Pump House

The Pump House

A hidden gem in Grand Rapids, The Pump House is your go-to dive bar with a friendly vibe, affordable drinks, and a chill atmosphere where everyone knows your name. Though it lacks a food menu, the establishment allows outside food.

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3. Play Station Pub

Play Station Pub

A cozy dive bar offering amazing food, a solid drink selection, and no judgment karaoke nights. Even though Play Station Pub doesn’t have pool tables, it’s a great place to enjoy a laid-back night with friends.

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4. Our Tavern

Our Tavern

With a private club feel yet open and inviting, Our Tavern boasts a beautiful interior, pool tables, shuffleboard, and a safe place for solo visitors. It’s perfect for a quiet chill evening or an engaging night out.

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5. Anazeh Sands Billiards Wyoming Mi

Anazeh Sands Billiards Wyoming Mi

Though a bit pricier, Anazeh Sands offers excellent service, a cozy atmosphere, and well-maintained pool tables. The food looks promising, and it’s definitely a spot to visit in Grand Rapids for billiards enthusiasts.

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6. Bob's Sports Bar

Bob's Sports Bar

An inviting place with a great selection of craft beer and a friendly atmosphere. While the food might be a hit or miss, the experience and drink recommendations from the savvy bartenders make it worth the visit.

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7. Joey's Tavern

Joey's Tavern

A local favorite with a reputation for great burgers and a genial mix of patrons of all ages. Joey's Tavern offers an engaging yet polite crowd, making it a must-visit for newcomers and regulars alike.

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8. Fulton Street Pub & Grill

Fulton Street Pub & Grill

A westside staple, Fulton Street Pub & Grill is known for its lively karaoke nights, Polish delicacies during special days, and a friendly crowd that’s always in for a good time. Their brunch is highly recommended!

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Grand Rapids is dotted with unique places that offer a great pool-playing experience along with fantastic food, drinks, and company. Whether you’re looking for an upscale billiards hall or a cozy dive bar vibe, there’s something in this city for everyone. Make sure to check out these spots for a memorable night out!



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