Top 8 Vegan Restaurants in Podgorica, Montenegro | 2024

Vegan Restaurants Mar 6, 2024

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Podgorica, Montenegro

When traveling through Podgorica, Montenegro, vegans and food enthusiasts alike have a delightful array of dining options to explore. From Indian delights to home-made local dishes, the vegan culinary scene in Podgorica is both vibrant and diverse. Here’s a look at some of the top vegan-friendly restaurants to check out:

1. Paradise food

Paradise food

Described as an "oasis" among the traditional meat-centric establishments, Paradise food is celebrated for its wide variety of sweet treats, sugar, and gluten-free options—making it a true haven for vegans. With a cozy, plant-filled interior and a full vegan lunch menu, it's no wonder visitors rave about both the food and the atmosphere.Google Maps

2. Masala Art

Masala Art

Masala Art brings a taste of India to Montenegro with over 90 menu options. Patrons compliment the vast selection, cleanliness, and particularly highlight the warm and welcoming staff.Google Maps

3. Gandalf


For a cozy, unpretentious dining experience,, Gandalf offers delicious, homey meals at reasonable prices. With menu items crafted from the owner’s own recipes, this charming restaurant is a testament to personal passion and culinary skill.Google Maps

4. Zdrawi Kolaci vegan sweets

Zdrawi Kolaci vegan sweets

As the name suggests, Zdrawi Kolaci vegan sweets specializes in vegan desserts and treats. This establishment stands out for its quick service, friendly staff, and beautiful interior filled with live plants—a perfect spot for a coffee and dessert.Google Maps

5. green & protein

green & protein

Known for its expansive vegan and vegetarian menu, green & protein offers everything from burgers to meal salads, soups, and wraps. Customers are impressed with the nutritional information provided and the vegan and vegetarian labeling on the menu.Google Maps

6. Gostiona 1928

Gostiona 1928

Although not exclusively vegan, Gostiona 1928 offers a lovely selection of vegetarian/vegan options amidst its diverse menu. Located in the heart of Podgorica, it boasts delicious food along with a beautiful terrace view.Google Maps

7. Arabian Tea House MNE

Arabian Tea House MNE

Offering a quiet atmosphere and great breakfast options, Arabian Tea House MNE stands out for its halal menu. Visitors consistently highlight the quality of the food and the pleasant service, making it a great spot for anyone looking to enjoy a leisurely meal.Google Maps

8. Restoran Zdravo Bio

Restoran Zdravo Bio

Located in Central Point, Restoran Zdravo Bio is appreciated for its superb tasting food, supportive staff, and beautiful ambiance. Whether you're after a comforting soup or a richly stuffed pancake, you won't be disappointed here.Google Maps

Whether you're a local or traveler in Podgorica, these vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants offer an array of options to satisfy your taste buds while adhering to your dietary preferences. Bon appétit!



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